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Violet Passion (My Ponysona)
Hey guys so this is my ponysona, Violet Passion. Everything about her facts and backstory are like mine except the parents part and I didn't give her diabetes... Yes I have diabetes.... I am type 1. Have been fooooor about 8 years now... Anyways... Here's some stuff about Violet...

Likes: Friendly ponies, animals, music, singing, drawing, baking

Dislikes: Bully ponies, clown ponies (I HATE clowns), ponies disrespecting each other, when somepony is sad or upset, when couples fight

Personality: Really perky (usually), shy sometimes, depressed sometimes, kinda quiet

Fun Facts:

° Girlfriend of Solar Blast

° Violet's other nickname is Vi

° Violet has a stutter

° Hates when somepony is sad or upset

° Also hates when couples fight

° Her special talent is giving advice

° Has a hard time keeping a straight face when supposed to be serious

° Violet is pansexual, meaning she likes every gender (doesn't matter what's in your pants, what matters is your heart ^_^)

° She was made fun of for being pansexual when she was a filly, she still gets made fun of sometimes for it

° Violet has multiple personality disorder (no joke I have it.... No crap for it please!)

°Gets mad/upset easily

° Mom died giving birth to her, father killed himself shortly after, was raised in Canterlot Orphanage

° Is an EX-cutter ( *says sarcastically* Yay me....)

Birthday: 1/17

Genderbend name: Love Heart
Solar Blast Appledash (my boyfriend's ponysona)
Okay so I'm back with Solar Blast! He belongs to me, but is my boyfriend's ponysona... Don't ask how that happened.... Bases were used in this!

Bases: LillyStrata (left view point in character)
SelenaEde (right view point in character)
Chibi base: unknown

Now some stuff about him!! ^~^

Likes: Flying, racing, music, singing, making friends, saving ponies, doing makeup, Violet Passion (this is true in real life too... I like him too but it's complicated...)

Dislikes: Rude and evil ponies, ponies messing with those he loves, Violet Passion's depression, ponies disrespecting him or other ponies

Personality: Brave, a little competitive, fights for what he loves, fun loving, playful

Sexuality: Pansexual

Fun Facts:

° Solar is the son of Rainbow Dash and Applejack

° Is dating Violet Passion

° Got his cutie mark by saving Momma Aj from a huge stack of falling hay by flying really fast and wrapping his wings around her

° Rainbow Dash and Applejack saw Solar's potential of saving ponies, so even though he was only 10 years old, they sent in a royal guard application in for him knowing that he always wanted to be one

° Solar flipped out when he was accepted into the royal guard, but he was also a little sad because he knew he'd be moving to Canterlot and couldn't see his best friend/first crush Clear Skies

° Good at baking

° Good at doing makeup

Birthday: 12/14 (in 10 days XD)

Genderbend name: Sora
Okay so if ya read the title, I need points. So what Imma do is make MLP ship adopts!! <3 So I'll probably get started on those tomorrow cause it's already like 11:30 pm here in AZ. So good night guys!!


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Tysm for the points! btw, loving your art! +1 watch
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I'm so sorry for the late reply! And thank you!
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